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Tampa Bay's Superior Volleyball Club

FL Winter Volleyball Festival

January 11-12


Daytona Beach, FL
101 N. Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, FL 32118

Venue: Ocean Center

Facility Rules:

  • Due to incidents in previous years there will be a NO TOLERANCE policy for misbehavior by players/teams and spectators in the venues:
  • Ball Handling is NOT allowed outside of the playing facilities.
  • Coolers and outside food and drink are NOT ALLOWED in ANY of the facilities.
  • Only water and sports drinks may be brought inside the facility.
  • In order to comply with the fire marshal, NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO BRING THEIR OWN CHAIRS INTO THE VENUES.
  • Violation of these policies or any other general misbehavior may result in IMMEDIATE dismissal from the facility for the remainder of the day.

Teams Attending:14 Megan, 16 Jenn

Hotel Info:

THS will be handling the TOURNAMENT HOTEL block for year's Florida Winter Volleyball Festival. Participants wishing to stay in the Tournament Hotels (see link below) can make reservations after 11am EST on October 3rd with THS.

THS Reservations Department
**If you have any issues with making your hotel reservations through THS, please contact AJ at josephaj1@aol.com or 719-201-7323.

Wave Times: Wave Times for Saturday, January 11th will be posted by November 25th.